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ѴԨԧԺѵԡǢ Optimization, Mathematical Programming, Variational Analysis, Stochastic Optimization, Operations Research and Optimal Control ҧѹ 22-29 ѹҤ 2555
ѴçþѲѡҾ㹡Ԩ ҧѹ23-26 ¹ 2556 ҤԪҤԵʵ Էʵ
ѴçԧԪҡǢ Fixed point theory and applications: On some recent developments ҧѹ 15-16 Ҥ 2556
СȤԷʵ ͧѺѤäѴ͡ؤ
çèѴЪԪҡдѺҵ ǷԨ

General nonconvex variational inclusions and fixed point problems
Fixed point problems and a system of generalized nonlinear mixed variational inequalities
Existence Theorems for Quasivariational Inequality Problem on Proximally Smooth Sets
PPF dependent common fixed point theorems for mappings in Banach spaces
Weak Convergence Theorem for Finding Fixed Points and Solution of Split Feasibility and Systems of Equilibrium Problems

Сȷع The JSPS RONPAKU Шӻ 2558
Ѵ÷عش˹عԨ էҳ 2557
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