Distribution and Antibiotic resistance of Salmonella from chicken, frog and cockroach

Bunyut Suksringam, Chutima Manamuti, Angkana homseng, Raor Rattanapratoom


In this study, 100 chicken meat samples collected from Nong Mon market and an evening market nearby Burapha University were isolate for Salmonella . It was found that 18% of the samples contaminated with the following Salmonella serovars : S. Albany, S. Brunei, S. Corvallis, S. Enteritidis, S. enterica subsp. enterica ser. 1,4,12:H rough, S. Newport, S. Paratyphi B, S. Seintpaul, S. Schwarzengrund, S. Stanley, S. Virchow and S. rough strain. Moreover, 400 cockroach samples collected from Nong Mon and Bang Phra market (200 samples from each) were also tested for Salmonella. The results revealed that 12 cockroach samples (3%) contained Salmonella of the following serovar : S. Albany, S. Braenderup, S. Enteritidis, S. Lexington and S. Schwarzengrund. The survey of Salmonella in 200 frog samples sold at the evening market nearby Burapha University was also conducted. It was found that 25.5% and 10% of skin and intestine of frog samples, respectively, were contaminated with Salmonella of the following serovars : S. Albany, S. Bareilly, S. Give, S. Stanley and S. Virchow. When these Salmonella serovars were tested for resistance to 5 antibiotics, the results showed that most were sensitive to ampicillin, chloramphenicol, kanamycin and tetracycline but resisted to streptomycin.

Key words : Salmonella , chicken, frog, cockroach, antibiotic

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