Removal of Iron in Synthetic Ground Water by Chitosan Membrane

Ratana Sananmuang, Yuthapong Udnan, Wipharat Chuachuad


This study aims to investigate the efficiency of chitosan membrane for removal Iron in
synthetic ground water. The results revealed that chitosan membrane could adsorb Iron from 75.21
to 100% at pH 2.5-7.0 and room temperature (28 oC) and 40 oC. The adsorption equilibrium occurred at the first hour until the sixteenth hours with the range of 72.33-97.61%. Also, the adsorption was
increased with the increasing of solution’s concentration at the range of 0.5-5.0 mg/L. Based on the
isotherm study; the adsorption was fitted to the Freundlich model with a high Kf (19.05). Therefore,
this chitosan membrane showed high efficiency for Iron adsorption.

Keywords: Chitosan, Membrane, Iron, Ground Water, Adsorption

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