Heavy Metal Transport and Fate in the Environmental Compartments

Katavut Pachana, Amnuay Wattanakornsiri, Jakkaphun Nanuam


This review article will address transports, fates, and behaviors of heavy metals in
different environmental compartments (air-water-soil-biota), especially their processes of
sinks and remobilization between water and soil, due to addressing as the importantly
environmental parts for entering, immobilizing, and remobilizing of heavy metals. The
interaction of air-water-soil-biota would tell about the dynamic environment. Heavy metals
can be changed upon their characteristics and the properties of the environment where they
are concerned. Some of heavy metals i.e. Hg, Cd and Pb would be described for their fates
and behaviors, as well as effects not only in human but also in ecosystem. Moreover, heavy
metals’ consideration as the processes of sinks and remobilization would represent for
clearer understanding of behaviors when they are adsorbed onto organic matters or sediments
and released to the water. Lastly, these understandings would help to plan and predict the
transportation, contamination, adsorption and accumulation of interested chemicals in the

Keywords: Heavy metal, Transport, Fate, Environmental compartments

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