Grain growth behaviour and mechanical properties of BZT ceramics under various sintering conditions

C. Puchmark, P. Jarupoom, K. Pengpat, S. Eitssayeam, T. Tunkasiri, G. Rujijanagul


Barium zirconium titanate ceramics (Ba(Zr0.07Ti0.93)O3) doped with 3wt% B2O3 were prepared via a solid-state sintering method. The samples were sintered at 1050-1250 C for 2 h. Effects of sintering temperature on many properties were investigated. The sintering temperature enhanced grain growth, density and mechanical properties. The optimum properties were observed for the temperature of 1200 C, indicating that the sintering was completed at this temperature. The mechanical properties of the ceramics were found to relate with their densification.

Keywords: Grain growth, Mechanical properties, BZT ceramics

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