Development of Protein Assay in Natural Rubber Latex by the Designed Spectropantonometer

Prinya Masawat, Yuthpong Udnan


In this research, protein assay in natural rubber latex (NRL) was developed by using Lowry and Biuret methods for color developing followed by analysis with a laboratory designed and fabricated spectropantonometer. It was found that the developed method could directly be used to quantify colloidal protein in latex without precipitation and preconcentration. Therefore, this protein assay could directly be used to detect the intensity of the color developed proportional to the concentrations of protein in natural rubber latex. From the experiment, the proteins found in natural rubber are 0.037 and 0.044 %w/v by Lowry and Biuret methods, respectively. The results obtained from both color developing methods are not significantly different at 95 % confidence limit.

Keywords: natural rubber latex, protein, Lowry method, Biuret method

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