Stabilization of magnetite nanoparticle with chitosan and chitosan network

Boonjira Rutnakornpituk, Metha Rutnakornpituk, Patcharin Kanhakeaw


In this work, synthesis of magnetite nanoparticles stabilized with chitosan and chitosan network was studied. Dispersibility of the nanoparticles in water (pH 4) was enhanced when chitosan concentration in the solution was increased. Functional groups of the chitosan-magnetite complexes were verified via fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectrometry. Particle size and particle distribution were investigated via transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The particle diameter of the chitosan–coated nanoparticle was in the range of 6-15 nm. Upon addition of a network crosslinker, polymeric strips interconnected between particle nanoclusters were thoroughly found. This was contributed to interparticle crosslinking of chitosan presenting on surface of magnetite nanoparticles.

Keywords: nanoparticle, magnetite, chitosan

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