The Antioxidant in Local Edible Mushrooms : Upper Northestern Thailand

Nutcharin Sirival


The antioxidant was studied in ten local edible mushrooms in Kalasin Province :Hed Koh (Russula sp.), Hed Phuang (Boletus sp.), Hed Pluak Khao Door (Termitomyces sp.),Hed Ra Ngoke Khai (Amanita sp.), Hed Khlai (Russula delica Fr.), Hed Teen Plok (Lentinussajor-caju), Hed Mun Phor Leaung (Cantharellus sp.), Hed Kradang (Lentinus polychrousLev.), Hed Taan (Russula sp.) and Hed Had (Lactarius sp.). The samples were oven dried at400C and extracted with methanol. The crude extract was examined antioxidant by DPPHassay method and using BHT (2,2’-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl) as the standard substance,then measure the absorbance at 517 nm with spectrophotometer. It was found that Hed Koh,Hed Phuang, Hed Ra Ngoke Khai, Hed Teen Plok, Hed Kradang and Hed Taan had EC50 =10.73 μg/ml, 8.89 μg/ml, 6.23 μg/ml, 9.65 μg/ml, 5.93 μg/ml and 3.08 μg/ml, respectivelylower than BHT, EC50 = 13.57 μg/ml. It was showed that they had higher antioxidants. Theothers had lower antioxidant : Hed Had, Hed Pluak Khao Door, Hed Khlai and Hed MunPhor Leaung had EC50 = 15.41 μg/ml, 18.31 μg/ml, 20.17 μg/ml and 16.48 μg/ml,respectively.

Keywords: DPPH assay method , antioxidants , Edible mushroom

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