Factor Affecting The Storage of Krathon Sauce

Rerngnaporn Mopoung, Kodcharat Thongfak, Sophana Somran, Surat Boonphong, Wachira Singkong


The study on factors affecting the storage of krathon sauce was conducted 2x2x3Factorial in CRD was used. Three factors studied were container (clear glass- and lightbrown glass bottles), temperature (4 oC and room temperature) and storage times (7 d, 5 and9 m after storage). It was found that krathon sauce stored in brown glass bottles at 4 oC for 5m had the highest percentage of protein (20.31%w/w) and gave the best antioxidant (IC50=3.297). Storage time, temperature, and container had no effect on amount of minerals. It canbe concluded that krathon sauce kept in dark-colored containers under lower temperature andshorter storage time could maintain the nutrients in the sauce.

Keywords: Krathon, Krathon sauce, Nutrition, Storage time, Antioxidant activity

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