Mechanical Properties of Silicon Carbide Nanowires / Carbon Nanotubes / Rubber Composites

Supreya Kumfu, Pisith Singjai, Wandee Thamjaree, Haruthai Longkullabutra, Wim Nhuapeng


In this work, 0-0-3 composites materials of silicon carbide nanowire (SiC NWs)/carbon nanotube (CNTs)/ rubber were fabricated. The SiC NWs and CNTs reinforcementwere prepared using the current heating technique (CHT) and infusion chemical vapordeposition (infusion CVD), respectively. The 0-10% by volume of CNTs + SiC NWs weremixed into rubber matrix phase to obtain 0-0-3 composites. Mechanical and physicalproperties of composite samples such as density, tensile strength and hardness wereexamined and compared with that of single phase of rubber. The results shown that tensilestrength, hardness and density of composites were increased with adding reinforcementphase. Moreover, microstructure of sample was investigated by using scanning electronmicroscopy (SEM).

Keywords:silicon carbide nanowires (SiC NWs), carbon nanotubes (CNTs), rubber, composites

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