An Application of the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) for Considering Scholarship of Huadong Rachaprommabhorn School, Nakhonsawan.

janjira - payakpate



The objective of this study is to apply Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) with considering the scholarship for secondary school. Based on AHP, all related criterias are investigated and collected. Four criterias are selected because they are the most requested criterias from scholarship provider. The matrix calculation of four criterias and significant ratio shows that concurrency reasonable (CR) value should be not over 9%. CR values of each criterias are 5.7547%, 5.61%, 4.40% and 5.52%. Therefore, these criterias are suitable for the scholarship consideration system. Furthermore, AHP is tested with the scholarships of this school. The result shows that this technique is useful for scholarship consideration system.

Keywords: AHP, Scholarship, Huadong Rachaprommabhorn School

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