Performance Analysis of an Ontology-Based Tourism Information System with ISG Algorithm and Name Variation Matching

Chakkrit Snae



To extract tourism information, most travelers rely on web search engines such as, Google, so they will face with a ton of web pages from results. Consequently, they have time consuming to access multiple websites and might not get what they need. Moreover, if keywords or Web site contents are misspelled in Thai or in English, the search results will consist of incomplete or incorrect information. To deal with these problems, we adopt an ontology to connect similar information for different platforms. The ISG algorithm (Index of Similarity Group) is used to make connections several forms in both Thai and English words, such as homograph, homophone and misspelling. In order to validate this algorithm and Name Variation Matching, F-Measure is used. The results show that ISG and Name Variation can classify attraction places information with names in Thai language as well as in English language effectively.

Keywords: Information Retrieval, Ontology, Tourism Ontology, Name Matching Algorithm,

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