Usability Heuristic Evaluation for Phayao Province E-Government Portal, Thailand

Noptanit Chotisarn, Chontipan Plengvittaya, Davit Sanpote, Mathaya Ratchakom


Currently, Thai government emphasized on the development of digital government.There is clearly seen that the government has been announced a digital government as a mainpolicy to combine an information technology into all terms of government process. Thisresearch has been used to demonstrate and observe in Phayao province. The governmentagencies of Phayao aimed to integrate all significant information of Phayao such as education,travel and government within the smart province project. In addition, there are some objectivesto indicate the achievement of this research including of a response of users to keep themusing the website frequency by using the methodology of user testing called the strategy ofUsability Heuristics to evaluate strength and weak points between the groups of student whohas/has not earned an experience and knowledge of this testing tool. According to the resultand discussion, the strength point of the Phayao portal website was the aesthetic andminimalist design. On the other hand, the weak point. From an overall perspective betweenboth groups, the visible usability issues raised up similarly. To concluded that, the system ofPhayao portal site is usable for both groups, appropriately.

Keywords: web portal technology, usability heuristic, e-government

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