Species Diversity of Firefly in the Highlands of Northern Thailand

Wandee Wattanachaiyingcharoen


Diversity of firefly species have been surveyed in 83 study sites of the highland areas of Northern Thailand. A total of 19 species in 9 genera and 1 of unknown genus and species were recorded. Each habitat type contained different number of firefly species. Lower montane forests have the highest firefly diversity (at 15 species) while only 3 species occurred in coniferous forests. Firefly species Pyrocoelia sp.2 and Luciola sp. 3 had specific niche in which only found in lower montane forests and upper montane forests respectively. In addition, Asymmetricata circumdata can be observed in a wide altitude range from 700-1,250 msl. Seasonal variation had the effects on firefly diversity. Most species occurred in wet condition, from late summer to rainy season which resulted from availability of vegetation. But some species appear in winter with lower temperatures at high latitude, i.e. Luciola sp.3.The diversity of firefly species in the highlands as reported in this study suggest that these habitat types provide a suitable niche for fireflies.

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