Security System Development by Applying Geographical Information System for Akatosarot Camp, Muang Phisanulok

Orasa Tetiwa, Watcharaporn Pimpa


This paper aims to develop a database management system for military camp security
system. It also aims to apply Geographic Information System (GIS) viewer to display a map of Akatosarot camp. The purpose is to support administrators and management in managing security.
This system intends to be a security system model for other military camps. The development
processes consist of problem analysis, system design and development, as well as system
implementation and evaluation. Tools that use for developing system include Apache for Web
Server, ArcIMS for Internet Map Server, JSP and PHP for connect MySQL database through Web
Browser. The system was evaluated by surveying and interviewing administrators and management.
The result reveals that most users are satisfied with system. The system helps to increase efficiency
on intelligence operations and security system. Moreover, the system provides spatial data to
administrators and management.

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