Observation of Tropospheric Aerosol Using Mie Scattering LIDAR at Srisamrong, Sukhothai Province

Siriluk Ruangrungrote, Arunee Intasorn, Akkaneewut Chabangbon


This work presents a performance study of signal detections from distinct recordersas PMT1 and PMT2 of Mie scattering LIDAR, installed at Srisamrong, Sukhothai provincefor an atmospheric radiation observation research conducted in cooperation with Thai andJapanese scientists. The vertical profiles versus range corrected signals of one day in winter2001 during nighttime to daytime were plotted in order to show the significant differences ofbackscattering signals collected from both recorders and evidently there exists some spikesoccurred due to cloud layers. Additionally, the depolarization ratios were determined by theanalysis of signal depolarization which could distinguish aerosol from clouds. The effect ofmultiple scattering on measured depolarization values varied from 1-10% for dense icecrystal precipitation in water cloud, are observed with an increment of depolarization ratiosfrom the cloud base.

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