Catalytic activity of natural silica for green synthesis of 3,4-dihydropyrimidinone derivatives

Sorachai Khamsan, Chutikan Janya, Chanawongsa Chanawongsa, Natcha Injan, Wanrudee Keawmesri, Manat Jaimasith, Chayanan Jitmanee


This research describes the synthesis of 3,4-dihydropyrimidinone derivatives using natural silica as a novel source catalyst via the developed one-pot three component Biginelli reaction protocol. Compared to the classical method, this synthetic method is an efficient, simple, short reaction times and environmentally friendly with higher yields (80-98%). Derivatives showed a good potential on antimicrobial activity against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria with the MIC value of 3.125-25 mg.mL-1.

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