The Study on Using Biometric Authentication on Mobile Device

Onsiri Silasai, Wachana Khowfa


With the advanced of technology on mobile device, living the life through modern technology seems convenient and beneficial. Various of sensor and application installed on mobile device support and continuously change the way of people’s life such as how to communicate with each other, to shop and to make transaction on financial and banking. One of the most things needed to be considered is how people protect on their own rights, data and private information among the insecure environment aside the mobile technology. Thus, security becomes seriously and complexity issues. Many techniques were developed and tested in order to ensure the reliability for user on using mobile device and its technology over decade. Biometrics which represents something existing in every human being is used to identify individual as it is unique. In this paper, the review of mobile user authentication and problems, the benefit of using physical biometric such as face, fingerprint, retina and iris also behavioral biometric for example voice, keystroke and touch dynamics are defined. The practical attacks on biometric recognition approaches available presently are stated along with the future work of biometric authentication. As a result, to improve accuracy and to enhance resistance against many types of attack on mobile device, the dynamic authentication with machine learning and deep learning techniques and applying biometric as two-factor authentication should be considered to use.

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