Smart Mini Plant Pot

Chadatan Yawichai, Ranuka Boonyeun Boonyeun, Tanakorn Poomipiew, Sirikan Chucherd


Air pollution and global warming are problems that happened in Thailand since the past to nowadays. People are becoming more interested in planting trees. But most people have an obligation to do, such as go out for business trip that spend a long time so this problem make people does not have time to look after to their tress to the full capacity and the tree might die faster than normal. So, researchers decided to produce the small tree pot that can convenience users and prove their problem. It consists of ESP-32, soil moisture sensor, temperature sensor and small water pump. It can measure and show soil moisture value and temperature via the mobile application that modified from MIT app inventor2. Users can check moisture value and temperature on the application. If moisture value is lower than standard the application will send users notification and users can command water pump to work via the application too and size of pot is 10*10*10. 

Keywords: planting, soil moisture, temperature, IoTs, MIT app inventor2

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