The computer numerical automatic sowing machine

Muangmol Senpheng, Siwakorn Kaewrat


This research proposes the computer numerical automatic sowing machine to grow the seeds for this planting tray. To reduce the workload of farmers to have a working efficiency. This will be a new alternative for entrepreneurs or farmers who still use the method of planting by tube seeds into planting trays. This will reduce production costs and lead to increased productivity. From the study of automatic sowing machines and related equipment, the researcher has gathered the concepts, theories, related work, materials, equipment, and studied various data to be a guideline for finding design. We use stepper motor NEMA17 2 phase, 1.8 degrees, permanent magnet: for 2 stepper motor for x axis and 1 stepper motor for z axis. The rotation of the stepping motor that will rotate in a circle, so 1 circle has 360 degrees when the motor rotates 1 step, equal to 1.8 degrees per 1 step. Then input the values into the controller to get the correct rotation distance call that value. step/mm can be calculated from the following information: Number of pulses in 1 motor rotation equal to 360 degree was divided by 1.8 degree so that steps per revolution is 200 step/mm, The results of the movement of the seed head. From 40 tests, the movement of the moving stepping motor stops at the 5 cm hole as specified, so it can be concluded that the stepping motor is 100% working. 40 times After experimenting and calculating the accuracy, it was concluded that the accuracy of the automatic sowing machine was 89.95%, the error was 10.05%.

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