Motiongraphic: Public Awareness and Perception when Infected with Coronavirus Covid-19

phairoj samutrak, Kittipong Saensud, Mallika Sripoothon


The research on animated infographic on how to take action when infected with the corona virus. The objectives are 1) to analyze and design animated infographic introducing how to act when infected with the coronavirus, 2) to educate animated infographics and 3) to assess the satisfaction of users of animated infographic. Our media advice on how to act when infected with the corona virus used to promote the ability to learn to increase. The media production technology for teaching and learning is therefore important in educating the general public and understanding more quickly. The sample group used in this study was 150 people, with the sample size 100 people using simple random sampling and post it in an online social group with an online form attached. Theoretical principles were used to produce the animated infographics to ensure that it is effective as a learning material. The content of the infographic was analyzed to provide complete knowledge and an online questionnaire was prepared for data analysis. The means percentage and standard deviation were used as statistics in data analysis. The result of media efficiency assessment showed that users with expertise in all 4 areas had a mean value of 4.15 and a standard deviation of 0.31, which is a good level. The results of evaluating the media efficiency in all 3 areas were averaged at 4.47 and standard deviation of 0.65, which is also in a good level. The conclusion of the analyze and design animated infographic, including information on how it spreads, symptoms, and recommended actions to take when infected. Our study will be creating the public awareness and perception when infected.

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